My NASCAR driving experience

I did the NASCAR driving experience at the Charlotte Motor Speedway a few months ago in the 07 Jack Daniels car. This is one of the GoPro videos from one of my sessions. I did two 8 minute sessions, in the car by myself, which wasn't nearly long enough. The pit crew is in your ear the entire time teaching you how to drive these cars. The main thing to remember is to never touch the lower white line around the corners. That's called the apron, and it will send you directly into the wall. I got very close a few times. The transmission isn't set up like a normal car either, it's a 4 speed with incredibly long gears. First gear is going probably 75mph. I never could get used to feathering the clutch so much. You'll hear me nearly stall out.
I have a whole new level of respect for race car drivers. Driving this car was the most exciting thing I've done. Going these speeds, the car feels like it's on the ragged edge and wants to spin off the track. I only got my car up to 153 mph, which is about as fast as you can go. They have the rev limiter set at 6000rpms so to go as fast as possible, you want to match your rpms to 5999 the entire way around the track. It's hard as hell not letting off around the corners but I do bounce off the rev limiter a few times.

The video is kind of long, so for the ADD, skip to

1:08 to see me take off
3:20 I get passed by a professional driver (don't know which one)
5:00 to see my best few laps.

I do realize, if I had wrecked at 153mph the video would have been much better. :(


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