Drug Fueled Sex Party at a Masonic Lodge in Michigan

The first video is a news broadcast and the second video has a laughable, computer-generated re-enactment of the scene, hahahaha!

"Police in Battle Creek, Michigan broke up a drug-fuelled sex party at
the local Masonic Temple on Sunday after someone reported a fight in the
wee hours. The first policeman on the scene arrived not long after 2
a.m. to discover a couple engaging in a "lewd sex act", other people
videotaping them, and a whole bunch of drug consumption, though it
wasn't reported which drugs were being passed around.

There were also five women dancing naked on a stage; they were told to put on their
clothes and leave, so reported the Battle Creek Enquirer.

Details after this point are not abundant. The secret society claims that they
rented out the space for the night to a party organizer for $900, though
it will be the last time they do it. A man called "Charlie", who
manages such things for the Temple, claims that the organizer said he
was going to host a "dancing party", though it is not known if he made
clear that the dancers would be getting naked, or screwing the guests.

According to a television broadcast by WWMT, the society claims that they had
heard rumors that the party might get rowdy and went to check up on
things around 1 a.m., finding none of the debauchery that later broke
out. A report by the ever-reliable Daily Mail confuses the matter
entirely, saying in the same paragraph that the Freemasons knew nothing
about the decadence going down in their sacred chambers AND that the
orgy was part of their secret rituals.

WWMT reported that a number of people got arrested and that city leaders are working with
police to make sure that such events never happen again. The Freemasons
say they do not stand for such behavior, but it seems unlikely that they
would say anything else."