China Doesn't Like Conspiretards. Or Freedom of Expression.

Given that my last couple posts got deleted when I gave a source for my story, I won't risk it. I'll leave a link in comments.

I stumbled across this little story, and while it's not a new phenomenon I thought I'd post it given all the recent conspiracy postings about the Virginia shooting recently.

China has experienced some less-than-stellar "luck" lately with the Tianjin explosion and recent stock market worries. What does China do when it's in a tight spot? Why, oppress its population, of course!

In a recent meeting of regulatory Chinese officials, the government has decided to stop trying to fix the economy and rather punish people who they feel are "destabilizing the market". So far, this has included several stockbrokers, a journalist, and bloggers who have been trying to discuss the explosions in Tinajin that left 150 dead and 23 people still missing.

In all, 197 people were arrested for posting about either the stock market or the Tianjin explosions. In 2013, a "law" was passed that gives a 3 year sentence to anyone who posts a rumor that is "viewed 5,000 times or reposted 500 times."

While conspiretards here in 'Murka might hate their government and think it is trying to kill them or put them in FEMA camps or god-knows-what, they can at least be thankful that they're not Chinese.

Chinese officials trying out the "hear no evil, see no evil" theory. Hey, it never happened if the people don't know about it, right?