Until recent revelations it was unthinkable that a mature stable western nation would engage in torture of it's own citizens.

But that is exactly what is happening, what has been happening. Since (UN human rights man) Ruud Lubbers these weapons have been used on probably dissidents & people with 'interesting ideas'. The press is asleep it seems and unaware of the influence these systems may have had on policies in the last two decades.

Although politicians comfortably choose to look the other way, Gang stalking & microwave-harassment-jungle goes hand in hand with actively not-gathering-evidence-of-these-crimes.
(These shocks are measurable everyday, in several ways, have been measurable for years)
Obviously those behind it are actively making sure they local authorities do not investigate and document these truly historical cruel methods.

Electric shocks administered on completely average innocent people with 'tetanization weapons' (Google Mike Matloff) There appears no form of control or supervision, there hasen't been under any form op supervision in the last 20 years, people report having been subject to several (experimental) weapon systems Hospitals and doctors are left to pick up the pieces.

Under the banner of a free liberal country people targeted by these horrible weapons in the Netherlands where ridiculed and disbelieved (whilst enduring these electric shocks daily several times a day). They lost health, their jobs, friends and family some have become permanently invalid. They are without legal protection. While politicians comfortably decide if this (the introduction of corporal punishment) really is an issue or not, those targeted trying to tell them, risk life threatening repercussions.

To this day the Netherlands appears unconcerned by international criticism of american statesmen (Eric Smith), the eu or russia. Human rights continue to be violated to bone. An institutionalized slap on the wrist policy amongst cronies is probably ensuring the cover up.

(Snowden: "they target the truncus encephali")
(Wyden : "EM devices that sends spasms through the body, cause nervepain")
(Wyden : "Looting, maiming, torture & repercussions if one tells")
(Greenwald:" ..highly aggressive scope of (nsa?) services in the Netherlands")