artist who fried eggs and hotdogs on flame of World War II monument Facing five years in jail

An artist who fried eggs and hotdogs over a flame on a World War II monument is facing up to five years in jail.

Anna Sin’kova, 20, grilled the food in Kiev’s Park of Glory, in the Ukraine which marks the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. In footage posted on YouTube a young woman can be seen cooking the eggs in a frying pan.

The footage led to an outpouring of anger and Ukrainian authorities had Ms Sin'kova arrested. She has been charged with desecrating a grave and has been refused bail by the Kiev court of appeals.

In the footage three young people can be seen frying six eggs in a pan and holding three sausages on skewers over the orange flame which emerges from the tomb to an unknown soldier.

Ms Sin’kova – leader of the Ukrainian art group Brotherhood of St Europe - can also apparently be seen explain what she is doing to nearby police officers.

She said in a statement, released through her lawyer to website France 24, that she was not desecrating a grave – and claimed the memorial was Communist propaganda.

She said: ‘They say I desecrated a grave, but it’s quite the opposite. The eternal flame is not a grave, it’s a propaganda memorial for a totalitarian communist regime.

She added: ‘If it was a desecration, it was a desecration of a Soviet propaganda object, not soldiers' graves.’

The young woman has claimed she was arrested by a group of men wearing balaclavas as she left a supermarket.

She also said she was questioned for four hours without a lawyer present and is planning to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

But the act has infuriated artists as well as the public. Russian artist Lena Hades, 51, said it was offensive to desecrate a memorial that honoured those who had died.

She told France 24: ‘It's blasphemous to make such “performances” on a bed of honour, the final resting place of people whose lives were tragically and prematurely ended by war.’

The video was apparently filmed on December 16 last year. The war memorial was built shortly after the fall of Nazi Germany to mark the Soviet liberation of the city

Police officers on duty nearby who did not react have apparently been sacked, according to reports.