Raising the flag on the mountains: Return of Turkish army

When the war takes us to the snowy peak of mountains,
we warmed ourselves within the red in you,
When we came suddenly to the desert from the mountains,
we took shelter under your shadow

Oh! now you are languid, wavy with winds
pigeon of peace,eagle of the war.
my blooming flower in high places
i was born under you,i will die near of you

My history, my honor, my poem, my everything:
like any place in this world
Any place that you would like to be raised
Tell me,I will raise you there!



By: turksdoitbetter (358.30)

Tags: flag,turkish,syria,kurdish,terrorists,pkk,ypg,feto,pdy,pyd

Location: ┼×emdinli, 30800 ┼×emdinli/Hakkari, Turkey