Footsteps of The Coup Detat in Turkey


Sabahattin Önkibar looks at a number of recent issues relating to the Kurdish Development Process of the AKP.

The leader of the PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, expressed his fear saying 'a long coup d'etat process
may start' through his messengers the previous day.

Those who read my columns have witnessed my determinations regarding the increasing
coup d'etat threat in Turkey.

When the conditions become convenient, the coup d'etat knocks on the door even if we don't
desire such a result.

It is an abstract fallacy to discuss if any of these prominent military figures can organize the
related coup or not. Kenan Evren, the head of the 12th September Coup D'etat, had toppled
the former President Süleyman Demirel by chance, just before being appointed by him to the

top of the Turkish Armed Forces after the dismissals of the Generals Adnan Ersöz and
Ali Fethi Esener whom Demirel does not desire to work with.

In the same way, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi had appointed General Abdel Fattah
el-Sisi to the Chief of the General Staff however he was toppled by Sisi.

I don't want to say "same incidents may also happen in Turkey". I'm just giving this examples
to take a picture of the coup d'etat spirit.

Two different types of coup d'etats may occur in Turkey.

The first type is the 'national coup d'etat' and the other type is the 'anti-national coup d'etat'...

The national coup d'etat: If the country is on the verge of dissolution and the different sections of the society become enemies, the Turkish Armed Forces looks at the situation and takes action accordingly just as
in the 27th May Coup D'etat.

The second type of coup d'etat takes the power with the provocation of the global powers.
The 12th September Coup D'etat is a proper example for this segment.

The conditions of both a national and an anti-national coup d'etat are getting maturized.

There are people saying the deadlock of the PKK and the social confrontation is forcing Turkey
to a national coup d'etat or a civil war.

In addition to this, there are also important official figures saying the increasing rumours in the external world regarding the AKP to take Turkey to a radical Islamist line and the Gezi Park Protests can pave the way for a military intervention sponsored by the global powers.

I, as an anti-coup d'etat figure can only say that the developments which will occur in the coming days will clarify lots of things.

Are the Generals angry with President Erdogan because of the Lieutenant who had a discussion with Gülten Kışanak, the Diyarbakır Mayor of the Kurdish HDP during an ISIS protest in Turkish province Şanlıurfa, near to Syrian Kurdish town Kobane?

Another question:

'Why didn't the Chief of the General Staff and the Force Commanders attend the opening cocktail of the Turkish Parliament? They cannot say that they have another programs because even in such a situation the representatives of the related commands should attend to the meeting.

The pro-government media organs assert that they [the Force Commanders] did not attend the related cocktail because of not responding to the questions related to the ISIS issue. However, everyone knows that the figures who should respond the related questions are of course the
President Erdogan and the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu despite the commanders. Moreover, both of them were in the Turkish Parliament Cocktail.

The last exclusive words whispered to the ears in the context of the related issue is that 'the commanders have become very sad due to Erdogan's manner on the young Lieutenant offended
by the HDP Mayor of Diyarbakır Gülten Kışanak. Erdogan did not make any comment about
this vital issue.

While Turkish General were inviting the young Lieutenant to the military headquarters to kiss his him on the forehead, President Erdogan did not say any single word about him and this situation disappointed the Generals in the Turkish Army Summit.

These are all rumours with no doubt but its very clear that they have decided to boycott the Parliament Cocktail in their summit.