SAA Anti ship Missile hit civilian building In Latakia-Syria

Syrian regime has launched an anti ship Missilein Latakia.
eye witnesses say that it was a russian missile that the regime launched from the port and something went wrong.Four civilian victims so far with a douzen injured.
ProASSad thugs say that it was launched by mistake and no official ASSad media has mentiones that it was an anti ship missile.R.I.P. to the victimes that I personally know, a young english teacher with his two kids and a 46year old lady.

Edit (you can compare the photoes to verify truth):
It appears there's a strong possibility that the missile that hit Latakia today was a P-15 anti-ship missile. Images of part of the debris strongly matches part of the P-15 missile shown in this link;amp;amp;set=pcb.831512103606163&type=1&theater