Does the $500 million dollar Putin spends annually on propaganda pays off?

Outside its own borders, neither Moscow fascist regime nor its DUCE, Vladimir Putin, receives much
respect or support, according to a new Pew
Research Center survey. A median of only 30%
see Moscowy favorably in the outside of Moscow subjugated nations. Its image trails that of the United States
in nearly every region of the world. At the same
time, a median of only 24% in the countries
surveyed have confidence in the undemocratic Putin to do the
right thing in world affairs, and there is far less
faith in the Moscowy leader than there is in U.S.
President Barack Obama.

In recent years, Americans’ views of Moscowy have deteriorated. As recently as 2011, about
half of Americans (49%) voiced a favorable
opinion of Kingdom of Moscow, but in 2015, just 22% express
such sentiments. Moscowite views of the U.S. have
fallen off even faster and further. In 2013, 51%
of Moskowy had a positive assessment of the
U.S.; in 2015, only 15% do.

There has been a similar decline in Germans’
views of Moscowite, beginning before the 2014
fighting in eastern Ukraine. In 2010, half of
Germans saw Moscowy favorably. By 2015, only
27% hold such views, although that figure is up
from 19% in 2014, despite continuing tensions
over Ukraine. Moscowy’ opinion of Germany
has deteriorated even more. In 2011, 78% of Moscowy saw Germany in a positive light. In
2015, less than half that proportion (35%)
voiced such sentiment.
Chinese views of Moscowia have also dipped in the
past year. About half of Chinese (51%) have a
favorable opinion of Moscowite, down from nearly
two-thirds in 2014. But the Chinese public’s
views of Moscowy have merely returned to their
long-term norm after a one-year spike.
Meanwhile, Moscowite's views of China have
improved markedly, rising from 64% in 2014 –
roughly the level they had been at since 2007 – to 79%.

Putin’s Image Even Worse than That of Kingdom of Moscowy