When push comes to S.L.A.P.P. Los Angeles animal control curruption

The video shows the day Los Angeles Animal Control officer Rios attempt to illegally on false
pretense act on behalf of angry public forum patrons of the site nextdoor a site where neighbors are suppose to share their thoughts freely and collectively.

At this point he has failed to succeed with lies and take my dogs into his custody and is utilizing scare tactics by having LAPD stand by (after I never once acted in a threatening manor) in order for him to conduct his job, wasting precious time that could have been well spent near by.

Instead of utilizing the site for good profiteers and local city officials use the site as a data(rumor)
collection hub, then using the falsified and fabricated reports, in this case false and bias information to build a case upon me thru my harmless dogs that have never hurt a single human being in their lives.

all of the aforementioned false reporting, and lies by the rouge perpetrators get masked by the animal controls policy of keeping the accusers name confidential, thus creating more lies and false and exaggerated reports in this case against my dogs, that serve me on a traffic ridden boulevard across from a coffee shop where the conflict [of interest] originates.

Furthermore, city municipalities promote the silencing of citizens that merely would like to share their thoughts with fellow neighbors by, recently denying an anti-slap statue defense presented, by myself as a pro-per defendant during a administrative hearing conducted on the record by lootenant Cessna a senior ACOI. He claimed he was familiar with evidence codes and other rules of court he said that he would follow during the hearing that day.

That same day,PBS TV station was recording a show that will be airing soon and asked me to participate with no success, I predict it will be portraying the behavior of people in lt. Cessnas line of work as heroic and the silenced the wrong doer.

The federal government and the legislature of the state of California is apparently familiar with such attacks by cities that don't care about the possibilities of losing tax payer dollars in court .

This type of abuse is rampant in Los Angeles and although the media down plays such actions, it is part of our lives here in Los Angeles and the majority does not have a clue as to what is happening and what their rights are as a citizen of the United states.



By: narobro (107.20)

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