Arise Sir Pervert ! Sir Cliff Richard

Arise Sir Pervert !

British honours system seems to be a laughing stock around the world as the Queen has been knighting aload of perverts.child accusers rapist’s are all members of the exclusive royal club.Sir jimmy savile Sir Rolf Harris Sir Cliff Richards Arthur C Clarke OBE are just a few of the vile perverts honoured by the Queen making a royal honour a worthless peice of trash.many say ever since Band Aid By Bob geldof where the western christian world sang for Africa and since then many changes of Governments and wars and disease has struck Africa more than before Band Aid. politicians brainstorming putting forward Drug Addicts and Drunks from the entertainment world .many people are on the internet chat rooms listing a whole load of other pop stars who have abused young children and raped men and women names like Elton John and even Sir Bob himself.

So has the royal family damaged british history in just 30 years of knighting pop star’s entertainment industry personal and sports stars as latest arrests are showing that titled people are sex offenders! police are at Sir Cliff Richards house today for a sexual attack on a little boy in 1980’s what is the church and church goers going to say about the titled bible bashing sex offender.?