Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis - His Life Today

Aaron Alexis, the supposed "shooter" of the DC Navy Yard, is alive. All of the researchers who tirelessly pursued the truth of this event, are now entirely vindicated. The official story, on the other hand, is now entirely dead.

As with most crisis actors, the information about him we were given by the government controlled news sources, contained some deliberate, diversionary falsehoods. Most frequently, this disinformation has turned out to be the birth date, and or birth place of the actors... and Aaron is no exception to this. Here, you will see documentation which reveals the deceptions, and leads to the truth.

Note that no wounded or dead persons had been seen by the public at the "shooting" scene. The one image purported to be such, has been determined and admitted to be a fake, staged by a congressional aide for an anti-second amendment congressman. Videos of prople exiting the Navy Yard building, do NOT show any clearly wounded people. (See , )

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