sUPEREDS silLy immIgratIon song

note to liveleAk (had hard time uploading this video too many people following us into your website beaware )...sUPEREDS
402 weekly internet video" for aug 6 2017 titled "sUPEREDS silLy
immIgratIon song" sUPERED the internet video artist/street
performer/film editor/professional weird-0 billed as the 14th most
interesting person on de internet re releases 1 of his street songs- the
words of the song are from some unknown on the internet sUPERED put
the music and his soul and the beat into the song recorded live at his
studio (S.E.X.S.S.)back in 2006 .. with donald trump shedding light on
the way the system works on immigration this song is relevant today...
it makes fun of the system.. the little intro into the song is me just
doing what i do acting like a professional weird-0 ha .. no offense to
immigrates there just humans free money is hard to turn away enjoy the
video thats all for now as always be good- keep it real- stay healthy
-have fun at no ones expense love each other and help those in NEED (not
want) by love sUPERED IIIIII111111IIIIIIsUPERED 8617sUPERED liveleAk


By: sUPEREDsUPERED (862.04)

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