Shootings on Arizona's Highways - 'Domestic Terrorism'

If any of you LL'rs drive on the I-10, maybe take the streets until this shit settles down..

For the past two weeks, drivers in and around Phoenix have been afraid for their lives during their daily commutes, though not for fear of a car accident.

Indeed there is something much worse at play. In the past two weeks, there have been 11 confirmed attacks on drivers, mostly on the I-10. Seven have been attacks by a firearm and four from unconfirmed projectiles, meaning likely a BB or pellet.

So far, drivers have been extremely fortunate; there has been only one person wounded, a 13 year old girl who was injured by flying glass when a bullet shattered the window.

Col. Frank Milstead, the state director of public safety, referred to the attacks as "domestic terrorism crimes."

And he said there may be more than one person behind them.

"I am of the opinion right now that we have multiple shooters just because the M.O.'s have changed," he told NBC News.