Family Resisting Arrest In Brazil

Would they all be dead if this was Houston? Relatives of a man arrested complain of abuse by military police. Neighbors and the arrested man's wife recorded police officers try to contain and handcuff 38-year-old Juliano Gonçalves while he resists. In another excerpt, a policeman appears taking a gun from Juliano's hand, who took it from the containing policeman. Then, already handcuffed, the cops try to put him in the PM car, but he gets out and is told by neighbors to be calm. The 38-year-old suspect CHARGED with resistance to arrest and attempted murder for taking the gun from one of the officers. Police officers were patrolling the region when a motorcycle passed and the pilot did not comply with the stop order.
The commander said agents went after the motorcycle and the motorcyclist entered a house. In front of the house, he added, they met Juliano, who refused to be searched, which started the confusion. Police said the suspect still managed to escape and was captured in a nearby forest area and that the police car was even stoned by residents. The suspect's family members said police officers entered the house without justification and that Juliano unintentionally took the gun. Administrative inquiry was opened to determine if there was any excess.



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