Cop breaking the law

After being told no, the boy then asks the officer for his badge number, to which the lawman tries skirting.

"What are you? A lawyer?" the officer asks in the video.

"No. I just want to see your badge number," the boy says on tape. "Because I have the right to."

As the boy continues asking for the badge number, the officer asks him for identification just as he begins backing out and attempting to leave.

Despite the officer's denial and accusations of loitering, the boy maintains his request for the cop's badge number before he drives away.

The YouTube clip information showed the video was uploaded last September, but it wasn't until Sunday that it picked up views and some fierce debate among users on the community site Reddit.

Some of the comments ask about the true legality of the officer's actions. One comment reposts verbatim Metro's requirement of identification for viewing per request.

Other comments go on to praise Jeremy for his questioning of authority.

"Way to go little guy," a YouTube user Jack said in the comments section of the clip. "Way too many cops let the power of authority get to their head."

As of Tuesday, the video has picked up more than 3.4 million views.