Dramatic moment shopping mall roof collapses during rain storm in Bangkok

This is the dramatic moment a shopping centre roof collapsed during a thunderstorm.

The rain started pouring through the ceiling of the CentralPlaza WestGate mall in Bangkok, Thailand, when the city was battered with severe storms this evening (September 18).

One shopper began filming as the leak cascaded from the 60ft high roof. Seconds later the ceiling came crashing down as locals screamed and ran for cover.

The filmer, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ''If it landed on a person they could have been killed.

"There was nobody directly underneath because people had moved away from the water pouring from the ceiling.

''The thunderstorm was very, very strong and the rain was powerful, but the building should be strong enough to withstand that.''

A severe electrical storm with thunder, lightning and driving rain hit the Thai capital just after 8.30 pm local time causing flash floods on roads. The rain was still pouring at midnight.

Staff at the shopping mall, one of the busiest in the city, cordoned off the area where the roof collapsed and began repair work.


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