Paedophile snared by public vigilantes faints when confronted...

A paedophile who thought he was meeting a 14-year-old girl he had been speaking to online collapsed when he was confronted by a vigilante group instead.

David Hanson, 45, passed out when he realised the ‘girl’ he had been chatting with was actually peadophile hunters Dark Justice.

Only a few days before their meeting last July, he had sent explicit messages to her.

Hanson, from Newcastle, pleaded guilty to one count of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming and was jailed for eight months.

Prosecutor Anne Richardson told Newcastle Crown Court that Hanson had contacted the fake profile of an 18-year-old girl called Amanda, set up by Dark Justice, on dating website Badoo.

On July 17 last year, Hanson messaged Amanda who then told him she had lied about her age and was 14-years-old.

The pair exchanged mobile numbers anyway and sent 750 messages between them over four days.


By: BlueBoo (691.90)

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Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom (UK/GB)