Reaction Video to LL's Peskimo's Featured vid

An LL'er from Fairbanks, my neighbor to the north, Peskimo's dog sled video was not so much a hit in my household. So in LL fashion I wanted to include myself in the recent phenom of reactionist videos to other live leakers videos. I'd like to thank my asshole dog, Icarus, for all the dubious money I am about to make from Peskimo's upload based on his reaction.

I am not so much the Editor Wizard since I have more important things to do like fapping my schlong and talking shit to other uploaders via their uploads. Appreciate me in all my greatness or kindly fuck off back to where ever you come from. Thanks LiveLeak.

Anti_tinner & Icarus_tinner


By: Anti_tinner (1899.60)

Tags: liveleakers, Reaction, Peskimo, McVan, I hate LL

Location: Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, USA