The Truth Behind The Peter Schiff Daily Show Interview

If you care to observe what has become common place in The Daily Show's habit of distorting the facts on a variety of topics, take a listen to this. Check out the completely incorrect chart they presented regarding the "Supply Vs Demand" curve @ 9:00 minutes. How can you mock someones view on economics when you fail to grasp even the basics?

Many Liveleakers love to showcase daily show clips towards their favorite topics in the hopes others will become convinced of their beliefs. The reality is that the Daily Show is yet another outlet for the same tired line of Progressive-Liberal ideology, woefully void of facts, entirley dedicated towards a narrative that is constantly reinforced in other segments of the American media focused on increasing the size of Government at the Expense of our individual rights.

But its just a "Comedy Show" Right? It gets a Pass?

Take a moment to read in your spare time. Then reflect that if this was written in 1928- How far have those intent on manipulating social behavior advanced in the year 2014?