Turkey Detain Kobani Hero while Treating ISIS commander in hospital

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Esra Yakar, a 5th-grade student at the Medical School of Dicle
University in Diyarbakir, went to the Kurdish province of Kobani a few months
ago as a volunteer doctor to help treat Kurds wounded in the fighting with ISIS

In December 2014, she suffered heavy wounds to her head and right eye
during an attack by ISIS, IB Times reports.
The Turkish Medical Association reported she was taken to Turkey for
better treatment but Yakar was shuffled between various hospitals and her
referral to a hospital for advanced examination and treatment was delayed. In
the meantime, she lost her right eye.
After Yakar was finally taken to a hospital in Ankara, the
prosecutors in Diyarbakir launched an investigation against her. And while still
under medical treatment, she was arrested and jailed in the Sincan prison in
Ankara for being a "terrorist".
Meanwhile, reports on social media suggest Emrah Cakan, a
Turkish-born ISIS commander wounded in Kobani, has been getting medical
treatment at the university hospital in the province of Denizli in Turkey since
28 February.
Orhan Cicek, head of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)
of Denizli, said Cakan's relatives confirmed he has been an ISIS member for six
That a Kurdish doctor wounded by ISIS in Kobani was deprived of
health services, and then arrested on spurious charges, while an ISIS commander
is safely treated in hospital, is a manifestation of the injustice of the
Turkish legal and political system against Kurdish people – and supporting