Huge group of wild monkeys scatters when they hear fireworks in Thailand

A huge group of wild monkeys raced through the streets of a Thai town when they were startled by fireworks.

Dozens, possibly hundreds, of the creatures ran and hid when they heard the explosions.

The monkeys - already common in Thailand - were drawn to the town in particularly large numbers as it was holding an annual 'birthday party' buffet of fruit and sweets for them.

Tables full of watermelons, bananas, candy, ice cream and juice were laid out throughout the day for the primates in Lopburi, 140km (86 miles) north of Bangkok, on 24 November.

Locals have been providing the annual feast for more than a decade as a way of celebrating the creatures, which they believe are sacred and bring good luck to the area.


By: NewsFlare (104445.00)

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