Girl dragged by her hair and squashed to the ground for protesting against Viktor Orban

This happened at Tuşnad,in another sovereign country,in ROMANIA,where Viktor Orban was giving a speach to the Hungarian minority of Romania(12.5% of the total population of Romania the biggest minority Romania has-the next are gypsies 3%) The woman was hungarian and she was protesting against the Paks power plant deal with Russia.Romanian police were not present because hungarians insited they can provide their own security for this event.Look how Viktor Orban is handling its opponents...they are squashed to the ground and this woman got pulled by her hair to the ground by a huge male...this is disgusting...Next year Romanian Police will be there to protect the hungarians from their own sad...Hungary is a dictatorship...And Orban reminds us of Stalin...Romanian politicians consider banning his acces to Romanian teritory because of the incident...


By: Astilean Adrian (799.70)

Tags: Viktor Orban,Dictatorship,Breaking news,Hungary

Location: Tușnad 537335, Romania