Drug agents swarm reported meth lab, but find maple syrup operation

Laura Benson of Union County, Illinois was shaken when drug agents rapidly swarmed her home. At first Benson thought her son might have done something wrong, but then she was surprised to hear that the agents were there to investigate a reported meth lab on the property. "They pointed to the buckets and I told them my husband has a hobby of making maple syrup. Of course they realized it once they seen it," said Laura. Apparently someone saw the maple syrup collection tubes and buckets and thought it looked suspicious, so they called authorities. The Union County Sheriff said that it is standard procedure to investigate every tip the department gets. The Bensons have been making their maple syrup for five years, but this is the first time their collection setup has caused this type of reaction. But the family says that they’re grateful for their alert neighbors and, “I just want to put their minds at ease, and let them know it's maple syrup. And that they're all welcome for pancakes if they want to come on over."