Germany: Huffington Post Is Posting Pictures And Names Of People Opposing The Invasion Of Europe

The German Huffington Post is posting people's pictures and names, in an effort to shame people who are against the destruction of Europe by 3rd world trash.

Germans that are posting anti-refugee posts on Facebook or any other social
media site, are being shut down. Facebook, Twitter, etc, and their faces
and accounts are being posted. It’s a witch hunt. Anyone that has been posting on Facebook and Twitter or any other social media site are being targeted. I suggest that EVERYONE stop buying their papers and frequenting their website. Absolute scum of the earth these people are. Maybe we should post their names and pictures as well?

I've tried to get a proper translation from the link below. Maybe some of my German friends can help translate part of it?

Thanks to German and European patriot Klangderfreiheit for this bit of info. Cheers man!