IS supporters attack Kurds in Germany

IS Supporters are attacking Kurds in Germany, The Kurds are protesting for intervention in Syria to stop the attack of city Kobane.

There are riots in Celle ( Niedersachsen / Lower Saxony) and in Hamburg, and constantly at asylumys, where friendly chechens attack non-muslims.

The MSM is only reporting in local media about local incidents. But the riots are starting to get bigger so they cant conceal that anymore.

Action @ 1:15. No translation, i only understand the snackbars

Police in Celle

Chechens vs Kurds in Celle

Riots in Hamburg by Ruptly

IS terror has arrived in Germany. Public safety cant ensure anymore around asylums or districts were muslims and Kurds are living. It seems that no arrests to muslims were made, i bet to "deescalate" the situation.