Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie. He is my 20 month old Hermann spur-thigh tortoise. He had a growth deficiency at birth and he should be roughly 4-5 times the size he is now. He has never had the use of his back legs, but he recently started to try and use them and wiggle them about when you pick him up. He has 3 brothers and lives together at my place with 9 other tortoises, including his mum and dad :)

This was more of a test to see what my brain, camera and computer were capable of, I hope to make some more orginal content soon in a variety of video and timelapse environments.

Thanks to john1054 for his tutorial, it was helpful, especially the part about frequently saving your workflow. Moviemaker crashed more times than I'd care to poke a stick at.

A very useful copyright free music pool:
The track used in this video:


By: Barboni (749.50)

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