A group of Kurdish animals attacks an innocent Turkish girl who carried a Turkish flag in her car : Germany, Köln (April 10th, '16)

This barbaric and disgusting scene took place in the German city of Köln.

A group of Moscow's gangsters Marxist-Leninist US-backed Kurdish terrorists animals attacked this innocent Turkish girl only because she carried a Turkish flag on his car.

The Turkish girl is out of danger and she is fine.

The generous Turkish nation granted to theses Kurdish consanguineous animals the right to live in Turkish lands despite the fact what this bunch of inbreed donkeyfuckers continuously keep to betray the Turkish hospitality for almost two hundred years.

List of Kurdish betrayals against the Turkish nation. If it were another people, theses motherfuckers would be already exterminated or deported from the country.

Incestuous relationships https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19852426 the Kurdish inhabited area.

One of the result of the numerous gangrapes, assrapes and incest within Kurdish families : Microcephaly

This disabled Kurdish boy was mercilessly killed by Kurdish terrorists because he was accused to give informations on the terrorist's location to the Turkish security forces.



By: Ya-Istiklal-Ya-Olum (284.30)

Tags: Turkish girl, kurdish terrorism, animal, germany, PKK, YPG, incest

Location: Cologne, Germany