Surveillance video shows chainsaw attack suspect struggle with police officer [911 audio included]

Shortly after he attacked a woman with a chainsaw, Juan Carlos Cabrera Jr. attacked a Lantana police officer who tried to give him something to eat while he was in a holding cell.

Surveillance video shows Cabrera lunge at the officer after he opened the door.

Cabrera, 20, was standing in the doorway of the cell when the officer entered, holding a granola bar and another snack in his hand.

Instead of taking the snacks, Cabrera attacked the officer, hitting him in the face with the cell key's wooden handle.

Another officer entered the room to help subdue Cabrera while a third officer stood outside the door and stunned him with a Taser gun.

The video shows the officers eventually take Cabrera to the floor while they restrain him.


By: ThisIsButter (25096.40)

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Location: Cameroon

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