Anarchists march on Egyptian Ambassador's home to in solidarity with Egyptian Black Blocs

Anarchists in Egypt have been hunted by Morsi's security forces and
threatened with amputations and crucifixion . As a result, anarchists in
DC marched on the Ambassador's home with this message: mess with one of
us anywhere, fight all of us everywhere. This march was part of a global day of action called in response to threats of arrest-on-sight by police and the military in Egypt against Black Blocs during protests-and threats by Jama al-Islamiya to kill anarchists, amputate hands or feet, even CRUCIFY Anarchists if Morsi will take responsability for it by giving the order. Black Blocs in Egypt have appeared in recent protests, and have been credited by security forces with burning down the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters and attempting to do the same to Morsi's palace. Can't tell by the security forces statements and blustering threats who REALLY did anything, of course...