Immediate Impeachment of Mrs. Merkel

"This is how it will be written one day at the history books:
The first world war – - Germanies guilt
The second world war –- Germanies guilt
The downfall of Europe –- Germanies guilt”"
-- Some guy at the internet which name I forgot (sorry about that)

Merkel is destroying Germany at the moment on purpose. By inviting millions of immigrants, where only the smaller part is even war refugees, to Germany. But this immigrants are not only traveling to Germany and if arrived here will not all will stay. This mass flood is spreading all over Europe. While Germany is already on its limits, Merkel tries to blackmail other European countries into taking some of that refugees. She risks without any question the stability of Europe and the friendship the European countries shared since seven decades.

Merkel is gobbeling up tax money like it is hers.

Merkel advised last week the German police to ignore illegal immigrants and just let everyone pass the borders. This is only one case in a row where she ignored the laws in the German constitution knowingly and on purpose. Like she would be somehow the queen of Germany.
For that reason there is since a few days a petition I want to share with you.

“Sofortige Amtsenthebung Frau Merkels”
"Immediate Impeachment of Mrs. Merkel "

The impeachment of Merkel by the German Volk is what really could make a difference now.
There is no rule that only Germans allowed to sign. Fell free to sign if you agree with that petition.

30.000 signed till yet. It’s not much but it’s a start. Who knows what that leads to.

The german tax payers may be a golden goose for her, but even we have our limits.

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