- Update - Wilshire Grand Skylight

Back in November I shared a vid of some HSS6.625x0.500 being www.liveleak.com/view?i=b49_1415987203 for a skylight frame that is to be installed in the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles. This is an update to the earlier post. Maybe I'll post a few examples of the shop assembly drawings that I created?

The detailing phase of the skylight frames is now complete and all drawings associated have gone in for approval. Half of the 40 frames that make up the overall skylight have been issued for fabrication and are just now being assembled.
The video shows a fly-through in the model that I made that was used to break down the individual pieces that were sent to be laser cut, as well as the creation of each skylight frame shop assembly drawing package. The red is the building model that I received from the structural steel detailer that I inserted into mine so that I could see where or what I had to connect to in the field. Everything else (except the cyan glass panels and brown glass brackets) is my scope and exists now in a shop assembly drawing.

These are pictures taken in the shop of the laser cut pieces being per-assembled.

Below are pictures taken at the job site recently of the box beams that will support the skylight at both sides. The box beams are 8" wide by 48" to 50" tall, made of 3/4 thick plates. Currently only the tower side (north) is erected, but soon the podium side (south) will also be erected.

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