Obama proven to lie about wasteful DEA dispensary raids in legalized marijuana states

100% proven lie, right here.

In the video, and MANY TIMES AFTER, he admits DEA will stop raids.... yet this keeps happening!

He has closed down numerous legal shops that were 100% state legal, including just recently, the most famous, and biggest state-legal cannabis dispensary in California, which was even shown on its own popular TV show "Weed Wars" via major TV network, THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL

Obama and cronies just shut down the biggest one in California, which was making the debt infested state of California MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in sales tax revenue PER MONTH, now lost!

Not to mention property taxes, other local taxes for food and drinks and such, etc.

What a shame

Source: www.deathandtaxesmag.com/185794/obamas-federal-prosecutors-s

Months after bringing down latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/04/medical-marijuana-rai,
the Obama Administration has allowed federal prosecutors to shut down
the world’s largest marijuana dispensary, Harborside Health Center
(featured in “Weed Wars”).

As noted before, this is a www.deathandtaxesmag.com/181998/president-obamas-anti-mariju to show swing voters and maybe even conservatives that he is tough on drugs as the 2012 election approaches

.http://www.eastbayexpress.com/92510/archives/2012/04/05/us-attorney-melinda-haag-has-got-to-go, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of California, filed the
lawsuits in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, seeking forfeiture of
two properties—one in Oakland and the other in San Jose. Seizing
property being used for the sale of medical marijuana is apparently the
federal government’s latest tactic in shutting down dispensaries

.“The larger the operation, the greater the likelihood that there will be
abuse of the state’s medical marijuana laws and marijuana in the hands
of individuals who do not have a demonstrated medical need,” Haag said
in a statement on Wednesday.”

The filing of the civil forfeiture
complaints against the two Harborside properties is part of our measured
effort to address the proliferation of illegal marijuana businesses in
the Northern District of California.”

Harborside is remaining upbeat about the lawsuits, though, www.harborsidehealthcenter.com/,
“We look forward to our day in court, and are confident that justice is
on our side. Come what may, we shall continue to care for our patients
unless we are physically prevented from doing so.”And in a wise
move, Harborside is calling on its patients to volunteer to act as
activists in their fight against the federal government’s overreach.

Source: www.deathandtaxesmag.com/185794/obamas-federal-prosecutors-s