Russian "Freedom" on display in Crimea: Forced Dispersal of Rallies in Alushta, Crimea

This is becoming more and more a common scene in occupied Crimea. On June 4, 2016, Russian police forcefully dispersed rally in the city of Alushta in Crimea currently occupied by Russia, because organizers didn't have "permission" from the occupation government for public meeting.

People wanted to protest against unlawful construction of commercial objects at the seafront. According to Russian laws any rally should obtain a permission, this is called Russian "freedom." Now that Crimean's are apart of Russia, they must follow new restriction laws on freedom of speech. You must pay bribes to the Russian government to make your public gathering "legal". Most do not pay this bribe because they know the Russian government will not give them permission to rally for reasons that give Putin or Russian government negative light.



By: JayStreak (776.00)

Tags: ukraine, russia, freedom of speech, rallies, crimea, illegal to rally, fascist putin

Location: Washington, United States