Hostage Deaths : Moment Police Killed Gunman.

Footage shows red flashes and the crackle of gunfire as a Swat team stormed the apartment where the hostage taker was holed up.
Television cameras have captured the moment a Swat team stormed an apartment and shot dead a man who killed six people.

There had been a stand-off with officers lasting eight hours after the suspect had barricaded himself with hostages inside the complex in Florida. it ended with a shoot-out - footage showed bright red flashes and the crackle of gunfire as the specialist team went into the apartment.
Police entered the flat as they believed two hostages were still alive and were being held at gunpoint.

The stand-off began around 6.30pm local time in a five storey building in Hialeah, just north of Miami.

The bodies of three women and two men were found in the apartment complex after officers arrived. the scene of the shooting in Florida Another man was killed across the street when the gunman allegedly spotted him and took aim.

Two of the hostages the man took were reportedly unharmed.

Before the shoot-out, police had been able to communicate with the gunman.
Police spokesman Carl Zogby said: "Eight hours after this situation started early Saturday morning Swat units move in and shot and killed the suspect.

"At the time the suspect was holding at least two hostages at gunpoint and the decision was made that negotiation was to cease and action was to be taken immediately.
"The end result; seven people have lost their lives in this incident - six innocent victims and the one shooter. Now starts the investigation - how and why this happened."

So far, the gunman's motives remain unknown.
"We think this may have been an angry man doing random shooting perhaps," said Mr Zogby.
"We're going to try to figure out why this happened here."

Officers are still investigating the motive and identifying the gunman and victims.
The manager of the West 46th Street apartment building and his wife were reportedly among those killed by the gunman.