Russian thermobaric rocket launcher RPO-A Shmel (Bumblebee) firing

Some nice videos of the russian rocket launcher RPO-A Shmel with a 2.1kg thermobaric warhead. The chechen islamist called these weapon "Sheitan Truba" which means satans pipe.:D

"The blast effect of the thermobaric / FAE RPO-A warhead,which contains
about 2.2 kg of Fuel-Air Explosive is roughly equivalent to the blast
effect of the 107mm / 4" HE artillery shell. Upon explosion, RPO-A
warhead generates the cloud of high-temperature flame (blast) which is
about 6-7 meters in diameter(blast radius 3 meters or more). The blast
cloud lasts as long as 0.4seconds, thus allowing for significant
incendiary effect in addition to the massive pressure wave (typical HE
explosion lasts much shorter)."

The newer RPO-M Shmel has a bigger 3kg thermobaric warhead and a longer range.

"The rocket consists of an solid-propellant engine, folding tail fins and
a large thermobaric warhead, loaded with Fuel-Air Explosive. The blast
effect of the RPO-M warhead is said to be comparable with that of the
155mm / 6" HE artillery shell."

The thermobaric warhead has a small RDX spreading and ignition charge which is surrounded by a big mixture of isopropilnitrate and nanosize aluminium flakes.