Ronald Cohen Owns Gordon Brown

The decade has seen the emergence of a crucial post at the heart of government: private banker to the Prime Minister. It has not yet been formally acknowledged in any of the text books, but it is no longer possible to understand how Britain works without grasping that Downing Street's Mr Money Bags now occupies what amounts to a massively important new constitutional role. The first occupant of the unofficial post, Michael Levy, was introduced by Tony Blair. Sir Ronald Cohen will be Levy's replacement.

Initially, Sir Ronald will be entrusted with the task of restoring Labour Party finances. The party is bankrupt at the moment as a direct consequence of the cash for peerages scandal. Sir Ronald will be asked to help find the money to fight the next General Election. He will also be brought into the heart of government in other ways. Gordon Brown already employs Sir Ronald as a foreign policy adviser, just as Blair used Lord Levy.

The truth is that Sir Ronald, Treasury Minister Ed Balls and just one or two other key Brownites will run the country. Anyone who wishes to understand what Britain under Gordon Brown will be like has no choice but to understand Sir Ronald Cohen.

-- The Daily Mail (3rd March 2007)