Atrocities by Putin's mafia members in central Moscow : a girl is beaten.

A video incriminating a Moscow government worker surfaced on the internet. It shows a limo with "elite" numbers AMP pushing through a crowd on the main Moscow's pedestrian zone, Old Arbat. When an indignant girl from the crowd tried to film the car's plate on her telephone, she was beaten by the governments worker's bodyguards, who also destroyed her telephone.

"They beat her very viciously. The man who ran out of the car shouting, he kicked the girl on the back, with a flying kick. She tried to dodge him and run away, but he caught her by the hair and continued to pound,"- said the witness. According to him, some passers-by wanted to help, but changed their minds when other men dressed in suits got out of the car.

The incident took place on 25 June.

It was reported that the victim told about the incident to the police. She also accused the passers-by of indifference, as reported by Life.

According to the victim, the vast majority of people did not respond to her calls for help, and passed by indifferently. "Only two or three people were not indifferent. They helped me to call the police and even gave their testimony, "- she said.

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Location: Moscow, Russia