President Trump Addresses the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

President Trump addressed the United Nations, and spanked them hard, especially China. He made it perfectly clear that the U.N. will have NO SAY in how the U.S. policies are conducted, reiterating that he withdrew from the U.N. Small Arm Treaty, which would have undermined out Second Amendment, and blasted them for for the radicals and NGOs that are working to flood the country with illegal aliens (Democrats, U.N., Soros, etc.).
He also blasted socialism and communism, pointing out just how bad it sucks.
Of course Iran got hit hard for being the biggest state sponsor of worldwide terrorists, and their constant ritual chanting "Death to America!" crap.
President Trump also raked China over the coals, which was great.
President Donald Trump, always WINNING!!! MAGA/KAG!!!


By: Old School (1292.20)

Tags: President Trump, Best President Ever, Winning, United Nations, China Sucks

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