Terrorist from Bosnia!!

Firstly happy July 4
I'm tired of explaining that my country Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have anything to do with radical Islam, most Bosnia's live normal lives, trying to earn for living and to feed their kids!
Yes we do practice Islam,but not the way like ISIS or any other terror group...
The last thing there comes to mind is to fight, of course, as in all countries of Europe and Bosnia has extremists, but their number is 0.00001, much less than in any European country, even Serbia has more members ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and they are trying to hide that fact on LL!!
They're trying to demonize Bosniaks and to present them in a bad light, I will not say their names here because they does not deserve that,but you can see by they activities here .
The join here under false locations and attack anyone who discovers their lies!!
Serbs here attempting to justify genocide, which they did against Bosnian civilians in Srebrenica and civilians of Vukovar in Croatian, Albanian civilians in Kosovo etc.

See today's images of Bosniaks ,do they look radicalize ??

Bosnian Terrorists ready to attack with suicide bicycles !!
Bosnian terrorist trying to blow up himself on NBA game !!
Bosnian Terrorists with suicide bikes ,on they way to Iraq!!
Bosnian terrorist with suicide meals ready to go blow them self's up
Bosnian suicide truck somewhere in the USA


By: CryButTrue (25.20)

Tags: Bosnia,war,terrorist,serbian lies

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina