Traditional Meeting Of Turkic Countries ( Full Of Barbarism)

These cultural meetings are happening every year. The last Turanist, Turkic meeting was held in Altai.

Every Turanist/Turkic countries uses shamanic symbols in these meetings. These symbols comes from Ancient Turkic shamanic religion ''Tengrism''. This ancient religion of worshipping the forces of nature has played a very important role in the lives of our ancestor.In ancient chinese epigraphs and diaries Tengri is mentioned as Türük Tängrisi (God of Turks).The term is perceived among Turkic people as a national religion.But now most of the Turkic nations are muslim and paganist/shamanic symbols are biggest sin in Islam. They calls this symbols as a ''şirk'' which means '' Polytheism''... So governments doesn't support them. But we're using those symbols anyway :D Grey wolf spirit's symbol is the most popular one.

List of the Independent Turkic Countries:
-Turkey ( Anatolian Turks)
-Azerbaijan (Persianic geographical area name which means ''Fire guardians'' Turks )
-Kazakhstan (Kazakh is derived from an ancient Turkic word meaning "independent; a free spirit" )
- Kyrgyzstan ( Turkic word for legendary "forty Turkic tribes'')
-Uzbekistan ( Chagatay Turks)
- Turkmenistan ( Turkic oghuz tribes)

List of Otonomous Turkic States under the control of Russia:
Turkestan, Bashker,Kırghız, Tataristan, Yakutistan, Mountain, Chuvash, Balkar, Crimaen Turks area, Tuvan, Altai, Karachay, BaşKurtistan, Hakasya

under the control of China:East Turkestan
under the control of Moldova: Gagavuzya
under the control of Uzbekistan: Karakalpakistan
under the control of Azerbaijan: Nakchyvan

Some family photos: