Blood Flows RED on the Map!

Historically, American citizens have identified themselves as "Center/Right", as opposed to far "Right", "Center/Left", or "Left".

Tonight, we clearly saw evidence of the fact that the populous has seen the reality of the country sliding down the dangerous path of the far Left.

Liberal Democrats were warned just shy of 2 years ago, point blank...even by their "Blue Dog", or "Moderate" members within their party, that such a slide would prove disastrous come the midterms. And so it was, with even these so called "Blue Dogs" losing seats in both the House, & Senate, not to mention the various Gubernatorial, and State Representative races.

Democrats have no one to blame for tonight's Republican windfall but themselves.

America has spoken. Now, it's time to see if the windfall party will indeed heed the words, and stand firm in their promise to the American populous.


By: puddinghead (34.86)

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