Was good advice to burb heads, as delivered to them by the islam.

--------------Where you can not comfortably and generously feed your family from your line of production and trade as well as personnel efforts, then, either have a word with El-istaz abou saeed elzabal, he may even put you onto an overseas job in that line of business or it is best to stick with meat farming, you’d have meat, milk, cheese, veg, in huge amounts and the sook and madinee is a cash machine, sook shawarma, chicken roasted, packaged, canned, dried salted, yogurts, cheeses for local and madina trade etc, yani la ayree ma hada shtara, was not an unknown or unheard off attitude, but people took bride and pleasure in their life’s as Islam mosleemeen, looked forward to a months holidays, 4 days week , the beating heart of the towns, fully functioning alive house holds, high levels of education standardised through wizara testing, holidays and exploration, genuine return generous, new year, mla festivals, nice life, as god gifted them and clearly intends for us as humans, was in exactly the extent that they began to appreciate Ramadan, as a human is in prime condition when well fed and watered and exercised under the Islam constitution, the word of god. Now exactly, ma tehkee wa la kelmee basically. So then you fill your stores then you cont on your ideas in your workshop and would have enough to compute there and to inspire you and study masterly works rather than obsess your self with those masters as endless time, where you truly get it right then you should not even need to produce it your self, massive economy with cut throat competition and people personally politically motivated geared and ready to take up any thing in the hope of stumbling onto a scrap, red meat, fame and power for the nasser. where you have full stores 10 years, a good sook operation, then you can afford to do that and buy from the city or town for your sook operation with real money profits from your sook operations and you would have 8 years to explore how right you have it in full production, store, rice, oil, beans, salt sugar, flour, yeast, pasts, textiles etc 3500meter square, same thing to well to do people, go to the money house and ask them to transfer money from your town account to your city account, it is all real money , up to people, it is all real money, the town money is based on it’s gdp actually. Therefore, where you have a we will to do Islam town then same thing to its people, yani you may, and mainly buy for your sook operations from your town economy any way and trade in both the city and town. So good fully functioning along established economics norms towns is the way. So then providing you took care of your household then usually spring shoots, fehmet qred, and ma fteham. May as well be in the city in your town, exactly, can be and more flexible in your town, where they have a lot of city trade and local economy, so then for him to do that the money house is spending locally and people receiving money house money for what ever in well to do towns spend locally, the towns money house has city money so , so then it was a very good, rich in resource interesting full of interest etc world , sook coffee house or may be farm section coffeehouses and the odd quite drink amongst your own menfolk, not all drinking or women or children drinking etc as such, cruise down to the istreha etc on city road etc. Right now when ynofarg alia soof do that. In addition, as a meat farmer you never know as you may get to meat H M Audi him Self one day