Uncanny: Nasrallah threatened to blow up ammonia in Israeli port, which happened now in Lebanon

Leader of Islamist Hezbollah group threatened to blow up ammonia in Israeli port, but exactly this happened in Lebanon itself, as if he created some kind of karmic manifestation in a boomerang. Some have speculated that the ammonia was being stored in the Beirut port for the Islamist militant group. But it is uncanny that his own violent intentions to other people, manifested themselves. Although Nasrallah had threatened to kill hundreds of thousands of Israelis by this action, while fortunately the casualties in Beirut are on a far smaller scale.

Some time later the scenario Nasrallah said he would do to the Israeli port, happened on a small scale in the Beirut port in Lebanon. His intention almost seems to have some kind of boomerang karmic manifestation, which is perhaps why many spiritual people believe it might be better not to have negative intentions to other people.


By: m16carbine (6160.70)

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