When Shoplifting Turns To Robbery

Houston, TX - On Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 12:40 pm, two unknown males and three unknown females entered the Tio’s Liquor Store, located at 15622 South Post Oak, in Houston, Texas. The group went to the back of the store and grabbed several bottles of liquor. The employee observed the group grab the liquor and felt like they were about to leave without paying for it, so he began to walk outside in order to lock them in the store. One of the suspects saw what the employee was doing and pushed him out of the way. The rest of the suspects then ran out of the store without attempting to pay for the bottles. The suspects stole ten 10 bottles of liquor.


By: JThom (47837.70)

Tags: houston, texas, robbery, shoplifting, wtf, booze

Location: Houston, TX