WATCH: Truck goes airborne in dramatic near-miss on Iowa interstate

It looks like a scene straight out of “The Dukes of Hazzard” – but
for Iowa State Trooper Jess Hernandez, the danger was all too real.According
to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, the above footage was captured
last week on Hernandez’s dashboard camera, after the trooper has pulled
over to deal with an earlier accident on Interstate 80.We can see
the officer approach another parked police cruiser several yards away,
where another officer is engaged in conversation through the passenger
side window. The vehicle’s emergency lights are clearly activated.Without
warning, an airborne utility truck is thrown between the two vehicles
after police say it was struck from behind by a semi.“This is
just a glaring example of how close we came to losing Trooper Hernandez,
Deputy Hammes, along with Reserve Deputy Pearson,” Sheriff Lonny
Pulkrabek told KGAN News in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. ”All because a driver of
a semi chose not to slow down when approaching a crash scene full of
vehicles and emergency lights.”