Hippo checks camera out - RAW clip

--> This is the RAW version of the clip, skip to 1:15 for the 'action' to begin ;) <--

The Hippo seems to like the camera a lot. I used a fisheye lens to capture some wide-angle shots of the basin and was still preparing a customized lens hood, but the hippo decided to surprise me with his visit instead, this is the RAW version, so expect some shaky and quirky parts. Overall it was a very powerful moment when the hippo was as close as 15cm (5 inches) to the lens. It's nice to have these see-through hippo ponds as a visitor, however it's also obvious the hippos are somewhat irritated by the movements behind the glass. But judge for yourself and leave a cmment :)

For an edited version without shaking and annoying background noise, please go to: youtu.be/5SYHe2r3KhU?hd=1