Captain Crazy Runs For President

Recently while doing some research on presidential candidates I ran into this candidate and was floored to say the least. By what I mean by (floored) is the out and out blatant and outrageous lies on a monumental proportion on this mans website.

He is claiming his grandfather was the *Real* lone ranger and as we both know that the lone ranger character was *Fictional* invented and contrived for a radio show in the early 30's and really did NOT exist in real life.

Then I started to read further and was not only floored again by literately knocked over by the continuing lies of monumental proportions. He is also claiming to the 'Step brother' to Maureen Reagan,Nancy and Ronald Reagan Daughter, that would make him the 'Stepson' to Nancy and Ronald Reagan and he should have the last name of Reagan, but doesn't........WOW just WOW.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan's children:

Then we have this beauty, "Son of Frank J. Smith who discovered the *Hydro Carbon Process*, *Turbine Engine*, Acrylics and thousands of other patents."

If you do some very quick research, you will find out that the person that invented the Turbine Engine is none other than Dr. Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle that invented it.

I won't even touch on the Hydro Carbon Process claim, as we both and most everyone else knows it is a natural process that occurs naturally, BUT if we do dig into it, we find this.

And last but not least he claims: "Worked for JFK, Barry AuH2O, RFK (Campaign Mgr. @ U. of Illinois, and Gov/VP Nelson Rockefeller (Campaign Mgr. 4 Bx, & planned Presidential Campaign Mgr. for '76)"

Lets look at the claim of working for RFK (which who was killed in 1963) If we take this mans birthday which I researched and found out he was born in 1946, so in 1963 when RFK was killed this man was 17 years old at that and still in high school in Texas. That claim is totally impossible, the math just does NOT add up. Now if we take a look at the VP Nelson Rockefeller campaign manager claim we discover this, "

With the moderate Ford facing continued difficulty in securing the support of conservative Republicans for the 1976 presidential nomination, and anticipating a challenge from the conservative Ronald Reagan, he considered the possibility of another running mate, and discussed it with Rockefeller. In November 1975 Rockefeller offered to withdraw. Ford eventually concurred, and in explaining his decision Rockefeller said that he "didn't come down (to Washington) to get caught up in party squabbles which only make it more difficult for the President in a very difficult time....."[73][74]

After Ford was nominated at the 1976 Republican National Convention, Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and other prominent conservatives conditioned their support for Ford on his selection of a suitable vice presidential nominee. Ford considered several candidates, including moderate-to-liberal Republicans such as William Ruckelshaus, and moderate-to-conservative Republicans including Bob Dole, and eventually decided upon Dole as the most acceptable to conservatives"

So Rockefeller withdrew in 1975 and did NOT even run or have a campaign run in 1976 for VP

I thought you might get a BIG chuckle out of this as I did, as I know a lot of crazy people are running for president this election, but this man takes the proverbial cake and then some in the TOTALLY delusional lie department.

Here is the link to that crazy, psychotic, delusional lying mans website that is running for president:

Feel free to email or give Captain Crazy a call and let him know just how CrAzY he is - I did and it was VERY VERY funny.

This whackjob has Vermin Supreme beat by a country mile.


By: Master Ken (253.10)

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