In Ukraine Atmosphere of Impunity and Fear -UN Report

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights reports atmosphere of "impunity and fear" in Ukraine, among other negative trends like attacks on minorities, rise of non state violent groups to power, infringements on freedom of opinion and expression as well as freedom of media and journalists. Report examines period of one year between November 2017to February 2018.

"OHCHR is concerned about lack of progress in investigations into acts of violence against journalists, which fosters an atmosphere of impunity and fear. For instance, there has been no accountability for the killing of journalists Oles Buzyna (on 16 April 2015) and Pavlo Sheremet (on 20 July 2016)."

Full report on the human rights situation in Ukraine16 November 2017to 15 February 2018:


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Location: Ukraine