I had a dream in 2008 about a month or two before the
“presidential election” of a huge sports playing field like the one where the
Super Bowl will be at. In the the middle of it, there was a huge wooden like
platform built that had many sit-down-into race car video arcade games on it.
Sitting in each were different people running for political office, namely
those running in the presidential race, playing the race car game. I noticed it
was very dark out, like everything had a dark pall to it, kind of shadowy. Then
I saw that Obama had “won” the race, while McCain and Palin and Biden and others
had not. Note that I was a political science major when I was in college; thus,
I am aware that Biden and Palin were not running against o in that “race.” But
somehow that’s what was going on. Anyway, the whole thing because of the
darkness made it seem not right. Then in real life he supposedly “won,” though
we all know now only by nefarious means–darkness.

Then if I remember correctly, about that time maybe
before then, I had a dream about a huge building made of glass and steal and
maybe concrete that was roundish in shape. In it, my oldest son and his wife
were getting married again. I don’t know why because they were and are
currently together. Anyway, as arrangements were being made for the wedding, I
felt like going outside for a break. That’s when I saw the building. But I
heard someone say behind me who was in a white minivan like an Aerostar that he
was so sorry, calling it out to me personally with a kind of desperation to his
demeanor. So I turned my head around to look at the man in the van, stopped on
the road apologizing. He had it seems more than a couple of his children in the
van and looked more than terrified. He was looking off into the distance behind
this structure with his mouth yelling the words to me over and over again that
he was so sorry and that it was all his fault. So I whipped my head back around
toward the structure as I was facing it from outside to see what he was looking
at. And I saw just past the big building structure a huge flash of light erupt
in the sky overhead. It turned into a huge red and gold light mushroom plume
type cloud that had a mega wave of energy radiating from it outward, destroying
everything in its path as it expanded outward. Within moments, I was hit by the
wave, snapping my neck and killing me instantly; however, though I was dead, I
could still see through this person’s eyes who died everything that was going
on around me. Specifically, this “wind” from the blast carried me along for
quite some distance while continuing to destroy and tear apart and carry with
it everything in its expanding radius.

As usual, I was given no date, told no specific location,
only exact footage of what will surface on the media later after the event. I
have no idea if this was a super bowl event or even if it is going to yet
happen in the distant future. I just thought both of these dreams in tandem
could be viewed in a strange way while examined side by side: The “shadow
government” is feeling desperate because it is quickly being exposed for what
it really is in light of the Internet. Thus I believe it’s entirely capable of
staging an attack to try to “unite” all of the people of this nation against a
non-guilty party just so that it can continue to pull the wool over the
people’s eyes and take over this nation, abandoning the Constitution,
completely without a struggle. Is that going to happen now? Highly doubtful
since everyone is looking for it. But it could be. So I figure it is better to
be safe than sorry and prepare for it just in case.

The interesting thing about these dreams was that, in the
first dream, it really did look to me much like the NFL football field. And if
obama pulled this stunt off, he would seemingly win against anyone trying to
run for president again. Further what was weird to me about these dreams was
that in the second dream, the building was shaped and situated just like the
MetLife Super Bowl building, especially where the entrance doors were located
on the building as I was looking at it from a frontal view. But the building I
saw seemed smaller, shorter, not so tall.

So again, I have no idea if anything is going to happen
at this particular time. But I do believe there is going to be a humongous
explosive event that will kill many from the blast in the not too distant
future though some of my dreams have been known to take up to 15 years to come

For example, I was shown the whole 9/11 scenario about
four years ahead of time. I didn’t know at the time of the dream what I was
looking at and viewed it as seeing two square tall rectangular in length
smoking stacks that had blood and guts and gore all over the pavement/sidewalk
in front of them. Then the night/morning right before the event, I was shown a
huge theater with curtains being pulled back, and on the huge screen were
fighter planes jetting off to their destination which oddly seemed kind of
scary. But I was being told by who appeared to be Jesus and the Father in front
of the screen that I was too late. I woke up to the tragedy a few hours later
but seemed as though moments had past. When I saw the footage on the news, it
seemed surreal that it was the exact footage I’d seen in my dream. I have since
surmised that I was too late because I hadn’t figured out the meaning and told
many people about it, just my family and a few friends.

So whatever this event may be that’s coming, I would
suggest massive prayer at this time. Only Jesus can deliver us or at the very
least comfort us with His imparting to us the understanding that He has a
greater plan against the enemy through all of this should He choose not to
thwart this evil plan. I’m not trying to scare anyone. I’m just trying to get
people to pray about it.